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(10/11/19) Студенти Факультету міжнародних відносин долучилися до зустрічі з американською астронавткою NASA Гайдемарі Стефанишин-Пайпер

There are no translations available. Студенти Факультету міжнародних відносин долучилися до зустрічі з американською астронавткою NASA Гайдемарі Стефанишин-Пайпер, яка відбувалася в ангарі НАУ. Під час зустрічі астронавтка розповіла про свої польоти у Космос, про фізику космічного прос...
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(10/09/19) Відкрита лекція члена Вищої кваліфікаційної комісії суддів України

There are no translations available. Відкрита лекція члена Вищої кваліфікаційної комісії суддів України З нагоди Дня юриста України на Факультеті міжнародних відносин відбулася відкрита лекція члена Вищої кваліфікаційної комісії суддів України, к.ю.н., Заслуженого юриста України Оле...
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(10/07/19) Представники НАУ взяли участь у засідання Ради директорів Європейської організації публічного права (EPLO)

There are no translations available. Представники НАУ взяли участь у засідання Ради директорів Європейської організації публічного права (EPLO) В Афінах (Грецька Республіка) відбулося засідання Ради директорів Європейської організації публічного права (EPLO). EPLO є найавторитетнішою міжна...
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(10/05/19) Привітання декана з Днем працівника освіти

There are no translations available. Шановні колеги! Щиросердечно вітаю з професійним святом – Днем працівників освіти! Висловлюю Вам щиру подяку за щоденну наполегливу працю, самовідданість, бажання вершити добрі справи на благо спільної ідеї – творити сьогодення й майбутнє нашої ...
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(10/05/19) «Світові фондові ринки» та «Міжнародні фінансові ринки»

There are no translations available. Студенти 4 курсу спеціальності 292 «Міжнародні економічні відносини» під керівництвом доцента кафедри міжнародних економічних відносин і бізнесу Марини Рички відвідали Центр Біржових Технологій, де отримали практичні навички до вивчення дисциплін «...
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Branch v1.1 2019.


The department is the center of science and education!

Nihil est hominus animo iucundius , quam discere –
There is nothing more pleasant for a person than to learn

About the department. In order to provide independent Ukraine with highly skilled personnel capable of solving professional problems in the field of international law, the Department of International Law was established at the National Aviation University in 2004. In the same year, the first set of students was held in the specialty "International Law". The Department of International Law of NAU is a graduate of the "Bachelor" and "Master" degrees in the specialty "International Law" for the educational qualification levels.

The department produces bachelors for full-time studying in 2008 and masters in 2010. Bachelor's and masters' training is conducted in accordance with the "Education-qualification characteristics" and "Educational-professional programs" approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the specialty "International Law". The Master's program for full-time and part-time studies is being carried out from 2017. Graduates can take part in diplomatic missions of Ukraine, become lawyer, diplomat, notary, political scientist, project manager in international organizations, prosecutor, judge, legal adviser and other prestigious legal positions. After completing the course of studying at the educational qualification level "Master", the student will receive the qualification "Lawyer-International" and "Referent-Translator". Studying in the specialty "International Law", international students obtain a high level of English, as well as a second foreign language, which they can independently choose among a large number of foreign languages.

To date, the graduates of the department have received successful employment in the judicial, law enforcement and human rights spheres, both Ukraine and the French Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, the Italian Republic, the Republic of Poland, the Federal Republic of Germany, the People's Republic of China and other foreign countries, as this specialty is today extremely relevant and necessary throughout the world.

From 2008 until 2017, the Department of International Law was headed by a well-known specialist in the field of international law, the problems of international legal regulation of the fight against terrorism, the Doctor of Law, Major-General of the Security Service of Ukraine, the founder of the antiterrorist system of Ukraine and its legal basis, Professor Volodymyr Fedorovych Antipenko , who brought up a whole galaxy of scholars, including such candidates

of science as Vazhna K. A., Gromivchuk I. M., Kubalsky V. N., Zamul A.Yu. and Doctor of Law Guliev A. D., who works at the department.


Since 2017 Yuriy Voloshin became the head of the department - Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Prize-winner of the President of Ukraine for young scientists.

Bachelors and masters receive the right knowledge of the most relevant disciplines required by international lawyers during their studying. It is ensured by a high professional qualification of teachers and a logical structuring of the educational process.

The list of disciplines of the department:

  • International Public Law: Major Areas, International Private Law;
  • Theory and practice of international law, European Union law;
  • Theory of State and Law, Comparative Criminal Law;
  • Comparative Civil Law, Advocacy in Ukraine;
  • Notary, Judiciary and Comparative Law;
  • European Economic Law, International Information Law;
  • International Humanitarian Law, International Investment Law;
  • Commercial law of Ukraine, Comparative civil process;
  • Intellectual Property Law, Criminology;
  • Comparative criminal process, Legal systems of the present;
  • International legal mechanisms for the protection of human rights, International economic law and globalistics;
  • Sociology of international law, Introduction to EU law;
  • Comparative Constitutional Law, Diplomatic and Consular Service;
  • Right of external relations, International space law;
  • International Air Law, International Counter-Terrorism Law;
  • Diplomatic protocol and etiquette, Law of international organizations;
  • International Commercial Arbitration, Contractual Law;
  • The right of international responsibility and international justice;
  • International Law of the Sea, Fundamentals of Scientific Research;
  • History of political and legal doctrines, History of international law;
  • Conflictology in international law.

There are 3 doctors of jurisprudence, professors, among them: Y. O. Voloshin, M. V. Buromensky and A. D. Guliyev. In addition, the department is taught by candidates of legal sciences, associate professors: Shirokova-Murarash O.G., Kubalsky VN, Gromivchuk I.M., Drachov O.V., Dudarets D.V., Zamula A.Y., Vazhna K.A. and senior teachers: Akchurin Y.R., Yatsyshyn M.Y., Kostenko O.O., Osadko O.O. It is under the guidance of these professional specialists who are capable of high-level teaching of the relevant disciplines and advising on their own experience, active scientific and practical activity takes place, effective work of the department is provided and, as a consequence, a high level of professional training of graduates.

In order to improve the educational process, the teachers of the department under the leadership of V.F. Antipenko published a three-volume textbook on international public law stamped by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which was developed on a substantially new conceptual basis. Also published is a textbook on educational discipline "The right of external relations" with a stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which belongs to the author A. Guliev and other publications.

Today, the staff of the department fruitfully works on research work on the topic "International legal and national legal principles for ensuring the foundations of state sovereignty". In addition, students and teachers are actively involved in the writing of articles, articles and monographs, and student scholarships from different fields of international law and comparative law are held regularly for the consolidation and deepening of knowledge at the department. Students in the field of International Law take an active part in various competitions, for example, in the Jury Trial and the Philip Jessup International Philanthropy Competition. They also have the opportunity to showcase themselves during roundtables and meetings with well-known diplomats, lawyers and public figures organized by the Department of International Law.

The base of practice. By an institute the numerous amount of agreements was celled with many enterprises, establishments and organizations of different patterns of ownership, with the purpose of guaranteing of receipt of necessary practical professional knowledges and skills for the sake of the future of successful employment.

Students after speciality the «International law» have the opportunity to practice in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in the bodies of the judiciary of Ukraine, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the Secretariat The Parliamentary Human Rights Commissioner, the State Agency for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the legal units of the National Ional Joint-Stock Company Naftogaz Ukrainy, State Enterprise «National Nuclear Power Generating Company Energoatom», Aerosvit Airlines, National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the field of financial services markets and many other well-known institutions of the state


Contacts: phone. 044 406 7756 (teaching department)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Instagram: @internationallaw_nau


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