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There are no translations available. ПЕРШИЙ «МОЛОДІЖНИЙ ДАВОС» У КИЄВІ 22 квітня студентському активу ФМВ НАУ випала можливість долучитись до «молодіжного Давосу» в Міжнародний культурний центр «Syaivo». Формат подібного заходу у всіх на слуху, але в Україні не є розвиненим, тому наші студ...
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(05/25/19) Що таке стереотипи?Як впливати на поведінку людей та контролювати свою? Як розпізнавати маніпуляції та уникати їх?

There are no translations available. Що таке стереотипи? Як впливати на поведінку людей та контролювати свою? Як розпізнавати маніпуляції та уникати їх? Відповіді на ці та багато інших питань отрмали представники Студентської Ради ФМВ на ІІ етапі тренінгів з психології «КОД для успіху» ...
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(05/22/19) Технології креативності у викладанні

There are no translations available. Тренінг «Технології креативності у викладанні» 21 травня доценти кафедри міжнародних економічних відносин і бізнесу І. Набок, З. Пічкурова та М. Ричка взяли участь у тренінгу «Технології креативності у викладанні» з циклу 3-денної Школи розвитку викл...
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(05/19/19) «Робоча майстерня» від туристичного оператора Join UP!

There are no translations available.                  «Робоча майстерня» від туристичного оператора Join UP! 15 травня 2019 р. на студентів другого курсу спеціальності «Туризм» чекала справжня пригода. Партнер кафедри країнознавства і туризму факультету міжнародних відносин НАУ – компанія Join UP! ...
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(05/19/19) 15 травня 2019 року

There are no translations available.                                                  Студенти Факультету на Києвській ГЕС 15 травня 2019 року студенти Факультету міжнародних відносин спеціальності «Туризм» у рамках навчальної практики відвід...
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Dear colleagues, students and graduates!

Welcome to the website of the Department of International Economic Relations and Business Education and Research Institute of International Relations of the National Aviation University. I am sure that here you will find a lot of interesting and useful information concerning the activities of our department.

Nowadays, international economics profession is one of the most popular and sought after. Only the development of the modern world is under the influence of globalization and the Information Society, which affect on the economic development of countries, the global economy, changing the nature and value of human life. So it is important to  study of the processes occurring in the global economy - international trade, international investment and finance in the field of technological innovation, migration and human resources to ensure international competitiveness in a global world. Preparation of highly qualified specialists in international economic relations is especially important for Ukraine. To turn the country into the world economy as its effective links and processes of the new technological revolution it is necessary to form its own model of development and be able to compete in international markets. This necessitates the preparation of highly qualified personnel in Ukraine International Economists who can work effectively in international economic activity, which is particularly important in terms of implementation of the Ukraine Association Agreement with the EU. I hope that our applicants, students, alumni make a worthy contribution to strengthening the competitive position of our country in the global world. Dear graduates, students and visitors to the Internet - site, thank you for your attention and welcome to cooperation!

Head of International
economic relations and business NNIMV of NAU
Svetlana Sidenko
Doctor of Economics, professor,
Academician of the Academy of Higher Education Ukraine

The Department of International Economic Relations and Business has ten years of its existence and it is a division of the Institute of International Relations of the National Aviation University created in 2005.

The Department is located in a modern building with computer classes and access to the Internet, lecture halls, a library and reading rooms. Students have the opportunity to stay in a hostel located next to the university, to use the services of medical center, sports training wellness center, the Center for Culture and Arts.

For the Department is accredited training course "International economic relations" with educational and qualification programs "International Economic Relations" and "International Business" for the educational degrees "Bachelor" and "Master".

The Department provides educational work with 86 subjects, including international economic activity of Ukraine, globalism, business economics, macroeconomics, management of international economic relations, international finance, international trade, credit and banking, global stock market, international management and marketing and others.  The training program includes the passing through the production practice, research and pre-diploma practice in leading Kyiv institutions and in institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Our graduates

The department trains professionals who are competitive in the global market of intellectual work and who are willing to work in the organizational, economic, marketing, commercial, financial, scientific and research sector. Our graduates work in the departments of foreign economic enterprises activity and corporations, airlines, airports, chambers of commerce, public administration, commodity and stock exchanges, research organizations and educational institutions with training and retraining etc.

Presentation of diplomas

The training is carried out by experienced experts in international economic relations professors and associate professors. Frequently the well-known experts in international affairs speak in public to the students.

Budkin Victor S. - founder of the Ukrainian School of International Economists, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, professor and Filipenko Anton S. - Professor of World Economy and International Economic Relations of the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, academician of the Higher school of Ukraine
Bilorus Oleh  H. - diplomat, Doctor of Economics, professor, academician of NAS of Ukraine
Dr. Marian Stashevskyi - Deputy Head of OSCE Mission in Ukraine
Igor Chernyshev (Geneva, Switzerland) - an employee of the International Labour Organization, Doctor of Economics

Bismarck Javier Velasquez Escobar is the spokesperson of the business and tourist community of Nicaragua.

Our teachers and students are trained abroad

Наші викладачі і студенти проходять стажування за кордоном.

There are students of "International economic relations" with Associate Professor Polischuk O.V. at the International University of Vienna during an internship at international educational program "Opportunities and prospects of Ukrainian business in the European market"
The assistant professors Pichkurova Z.V., Polishchuk O.V., M.A. Rychka attended the educational international internship which took place at the Academic Society of Baludyanskoho Michal (Slovakia)

Випускникам кафедри надається можливість продовжити навчання в аспірантурі за спеціальністю 08.00.02 - Світове господарство та міжнародні економічні відносини.

Ohrimenko Elena is discussing the dissertation on "Strategic alliances in the global competition"

Students regularly participate in scientific work, various academic competitions, grants, competitions and have scientific publications. There are some student scientific circles in the department.

The Student of the Department, Mukhammedov Darius, is on presentation of certificate according to the internship for international educational program - "Opportunities and prospects of Ukrainian business in the European market"

There are some bodies of self-government in the Institute (student council, student dean's room, starostat, trade union organization), which protect the rights and interests of students, organize student leisure, spend educate, promote in educational, scientific, artistic, sports activities.

Performance of our students at the festival "March sprout"
KVN team Performance of the Institute of International Relations with students of our department